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I can confirm what The Gill-Man said. There are personal issues going on, and due to respecting their privacy I will not mention what is going on.
I have only heard from one person and not the other though. I have been emailing the one I have not heard from, but unfortunately have not gotten a response. I do not know who Gill-Man got his info from, but I also can confirm that both are alive and well. I am HOPING to hear from the other soon.
Sometimes life just takes a turn, and you have to stop your usual routine and deal.
Jay – thanks for the update, I also found out a while back but didn’t say anything out of privacy. Tell them both to keep working on their "ART" as it's very therapeutic and will help them get thru the personal stuff. We often forget there are people behind those props…



Ad astra per aspera
141 - 141 of 141 Posts