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Has anyone ever used liquid latex mortar additive?

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I'm trying to avoid the high cost of buying a large container of liquid latex and wondered if anyone's ever tried using liquid latex mortar additive for their props in place of traditional liquid latex?


I noticed in the Q&A someone asked if it could be used in a casting application and the manufacturer replied "This product is designed to be an additive for our cement mortar products, and will likely dry to a tacky finish if brushed onto an object."

I guess for $20 I could just wing it and see what happens, but I am curious if anyone here has tried it.
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What will you be doing with it? If you are making a mold out of it, Stiltbeast has a youtube tutorial on how to cast using silicone calk.

Here is the video of him using silicone caulk to make a mold.
Stiltbeast has several videos on corpsing too. Might be cheaper and easier.
You are welcome. I too am always looking for cheap ways of doing things without the things looking cheap when they are done.
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