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My yard haunt is going to be broken up into 5 different sections/themes/stories.

I'm thinking about having one of the themes being a story in motion. I have one section of the haunt among some trees that I am calling the Forrest of Despair. I have 12 heads on spikes and 2 decomposing bodies. Like this only more.


My original idea was to have a killer among the spikes putting a fresh head on a spike. But have decided to repurpose a body and do the following in October.

Week one: mand standing among the heads looking around.

Week 2: killer with axe standing behind the man

Week 3: decapitated man kneeling, killer is holding head in his hand

Week 4: decapitated man. Laying at the feet of the killer, killer placing head on stake.

What do you think? Good idea or over the top? Opinions? Ideas?


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