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Hi there

This year, I'm planning on doing a Harry Potter theme. I'm quite lucky in that my house is L shaped, so I was planning on tying clear fishing line from the end window on one side, to the other, then suspending the candles from it. :cool:

However, I really want to be 100% sure none of the candles are going to fall down/the wire snaps and hits me or anyone else on the head. :eek:

Can anyone advise really REALLY strong fishing line, preferably clear (but it'll be sunset when the candles are switched on anyway). It will be around four wires holding the candles up (One main one, three lines attached)

I live in the UK, so dollartree/wallmart is not an option. I'd prefer to buy it through ebay or amazon.
Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 15.28.24.jpg
Thanks for assistance!

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