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Hey! This is a list of what I used and I will try to give you a rundown of what I did plus a final photo of my mallet.

I got a pvc pipe sort of like this
I would take your daughter with you so that she can help pick one that will feel comfortable for her to hold.

I got one of these


they come in different sizes so again I would pick the one that is going to go best proportional to the handle that she chooses.

I cut a piece of cardboard from a box and taped it to one end of the cardboard concreete tube and then just slowly sprayed the great stuff in a little at a time. I sprayed a bit then let it sit until it had expanded as much as it was going to. Then I went back and repeated that until it was to the top of the tube. after it had expanded as much as it was going to I smoothed out the top with a blade so that it was flat. I think that I left my tube out for a good part of the day but I can not remember exactly how long it took me. I might have filled it over two days. Once I was sure that great stuff should all be dry (shouldn't take long it dries fairly quick but follow the instructions on the side of the can). I cut off the tube from around it then I measured to see how long the tube was and cut a hole for my handle. I covered half of the tube with news paper and spray painted it with red paint then after that side dried I repeated it with the black side. I also painted on the ends which I will post pictures of at the end of this. If she wants her mallet to be smoother than what mine is you could go around it with something to fill holes but I decided I sort of liked how it looked a little beaten up like Harley had bashed a few people with it.

I put a styrofoam ball sort of like this on the end of the handle


just to make it have a finished look

I used duct tape on the handle but that would be up to you guys on if you wanted to paint it or how you want it to look.

I think that I used between 4-6 cans of the great stuff (the regular) to make it. It is a fairly light prop so it was easy for me to tote around when we took our daughter trick r treating.

I also made a gun from a ovaltine plastic jar and a old orange cap toy gun which I will include a picture of as well.





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