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Hard ground = no tombstones!

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Hey guys,

I have a dilemma. My yard's dirt is hard, like rock hard, and I can't seem to sink those plastic tombstone sticks that come with the styrofoam tombstones. I have tried metal, but that doesn't work, because I can get it into the ground, but it rips through the styrofoam and isn't sturdy enough.

I have also tried gluing stuff to the back, but the ground is still too hard to hammer something in while it is glued to the tombstone.

Also, I live in California and Oct. is the rainy/windy month.

Any suggestions on how I can keep my graveyard afloat would be much appreciated.

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Easy solution. Take your tombstone and glue a PVC tube to the back with silicone. Then you can use rebar and dowel rods, slightly smaller diameter than the PVC, cut to the desired lengths. Both of these can be hammered into the ground and support the tombstone markers.

This has worked for me always. Keep up the scares.
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