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Harbor Freight Driveway Alert On Sale Now

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Hey everyone. For those of you who, like me, use a lot of the driveway alerts to trigger props I want to let you know that Harbor Freight has them on sale for $10.99 through January 31st. These driveway alerts do have some limitations and down sides but for me they are a great alternative to other more expensive prop triggers. Best of all they are cheap, easy to set up, and work every time for me. Since I haven't seen anyone post this sale yet I thought I'd better do it. If you don't get their special sale flyer delivered to your home you can print this coupon and take it to your local Harbor Freight store. I have done this several times and my local Harbor Freight store has never failed to honor the printed coupon for me.

For those of you who have never tried this driveway alert to trigger your props I have a thread at the link below with lots of help from BobbyA with some pointers on how to do it. If you are electronically challenged like me you can use the driveway alert right out of the box. But for a better setup you can follow BobbyA's easy instructions on how to do just a little tweaking. The thread is pretty long with comments and suggestions from several members so be sure to read all of it for the best results.


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Interesting. In December the ad they were running then had them listed at 11.99 with an expiration date of the coupon of 2/20/16. Same limit of 7.

Thanks to the forum I'm set with my needs having picked up a bunch back in 2014 when they were marked down to 9.99 then (enough to supply a number of my neighbors driveways if unused for halloween!). I just posted to the above linked thread in your post Scary Papa, a photo of two of the units I picked up then to show what the box looked like with the Channel number label on it. Might help some people in their search.

BTW I believe Model #93068 was the only model version back in 2014 that had the channel number on the box. From the ad above I see the same model, #93068, is still being sold. This model with various dedicated channels is great if you want a simple out-of-the-box prop trigger solution to use with multiple props that you don't want to go off all at the same time as long as you are using devices with different channels. This might not be something everyone cares about, but worth mentioning if you do and don't want to read the whole above thread (which is still worth reading BTW).

Noticed that the ad shows this as the FINAL MARKDOWN so it sounds like it won't drop to the 2014 price of 9.99.

Harbor Freight has been opening new store across the country. A new store in E. San Jose, CA just opened so if you've read these occasional threads on them but didn't have a store in your area and had to order online, it may pay to visit their website and check out their locations now. Saves on shipping and you can examine the items in person.
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Hey Ghost of Spookie, thanks for the input. I wouldn't put too much stock in this being the "final markdown" of these driveway alerts. I bet you will see this same price or maybe the lower $9.99 price in the future. If you follow Harbor Freight ads very closely you will see a lot of unusual things. For example, in this current flyer they have the above coupon for the driveway alerts for a "final markdown" price of $10.99 on the second page but in the same flyer they have the same driveway alert advertised for a markdown price of $16.99 on the next to last page. :eek:. The same type of double advertising is true in this flyer for an electric generator listed on "final markdown" for $98.88 but in this same flyer the same generator is listed on later pages for a special price of $119.99. A couple of months ago they had the same generator on sale with a coupon for $89.99 but the regular price was listed as $119.99. I have also noticed that Harbor Freight advertising will list different "regular" prices for the same item in different flyers sent out from one month to another. I asked our local Harbor Freight manager about this and showed him two different flyers with the same item listed with two different "regular' prices. He just laughed and said he doesn't run the advertising department...LOL. Now if you look closely most of the items listed have a "compare at" price rather than a "regular" price listed :D. Anyway, I have lots of these driveway alerts and I am constantly trying to find different ways to use them because I like them so much for prop use. Right now I am trying a thing I saw somewhere that removed the receiver part completely from the setup. With this setup you just use the sending unit by removing the LED light from the unit, extending the light with additional wire between the sending unit and the LED light, and then putting the LED light over the photo cell of a motion detector light activated prop. This wasn't my idea. I saw it I thought on this forum after I first published the original thread on how I use these driveway alerts. This doesn't make the prop trigger truly "wireless" but if it works it will serve to trigger some of the motion sensor type props that are hard to activate normally, especially in very dark settings like at night, in the dark, in our Haunted Forest. I always like to give credit for things I try to the people who gave me the idea but in this case I couldn't find where I first saw it. I will keep looking. Anyway, I am trying the setup this evening on one of my props and I will post something if it works.
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Thats a good idea to trigger props. Never thought of that...... cool
Thanks for the heads-up on the sale, Scary Papa! I really should delve into those driveway alerts someday.
I love Harbor Freight. It's like a toy store for grown men. I think they run different sales at the same time, because I get flyers all the time with the same item at different prices. But if the price goes really low on those driveway alerts and it's not a coupon sale, you can always use the 20% off coupon to bring the price down.
Not sure what the going price of the driveway alerts is right now, but I did notice units on the shelf and the boxes I picked up had oval stickers on them with the Channel Number (saw 9, 10, 11 in my store). Good to see them listing the channel again on the outside of the box.

BTW I picked up a really nice Helping Hands with LED lights yesterday from them. Only 8.99. I posted photos of it under the What Did You Buy/Find thread (link). Oh and I should mentioned the Februrary & March sales events they have coming up have 20% off One Item coupons again (see Coupons, Discount area for dates and coupon codes).
I must live in the wrong area. Current mailing lists them for $16.99. Not going to jump at that price.
The 10.99 price expired 1/31 if you look at the bottom of the ad. That was the lowest I've seen it on sale. Generally will see it on sale for anywhere from 12.99 to 14 something. I have the upcoming March 11-13 Annual Tent Sale ad in front of me (got when in the store yesterday) and noticed that they will have the driveway alerts priced at 12.99 for the sale event. Will be the same online at that point too.
Just a heads up that Harbor Freight has the Bunker Hill Driveway Alert Alarms on sale right now for $11.99 (Coupon Code 35056715). Expires 8/31. Featured on the main webpage towards the bottom.

New Super Coupon available on these. 9.99, limit 4 (Coupon Code 39076003). Physical coupon for store use midway down the coupon page: http://www.harborfreight.com/savings_coupons.html Good thru 1/31/17.

I see that Scary Papa has a 2016 (ver. 3) tutorial now on using these as a prop trigger: http://www.halloweenforum.com/tutor...nd-activated-props-work-motion-activated.html
If anyone wants one of these, I bought one this past Halloween and it doesn't work for my needs - but the actual trigger works very consistently, so it does what it's supposed to do. I only used it once on Halloween night for a couple of hours, so it's practically new. I'll sell it to anyone here who wants it cheap. Just send me a PM.
These work wonderfully for solenoids. The speaker output voltage can be enough to trigger the solenoid, depending on what you can find. Rig a solenoid sprinkler valve, and load it with compressed air for all kinds of props.

Also, you can use old or budget motion-activated flood light fixtures. You know, the kind you install at your side door? Just wire the flood light sockets to a few outdoor-grade duplex boxes and outlets. Anything you have can plug into it. And if you can find the right ones, you'll get sensors that have the timers that run as short as five seconds. Quick fast effects. Hit that pond pump to spray blood, hidden strobe lights, small motor and a shaking coffin prop, pretty much anything you can build. And the sensors are generally small and easily concealed.

Food for thought!
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