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Happy Haunts

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Just stopping in to say hi and thanks for allowing me to join. I originally came here to find ideas for a giant spider (yeah, I know, cliche' right?)

Anyway, I always liked Halloween, but was never a huge fan...until last year. I'll blame my 3 yr. old...who seemed to take a great liking to the season and all of its wonders, scary and all. Not sure if that is a good thing at such a young age, but he sure has fueled my creativity to decorate the crap out of our home and camper (during our annual Halloween trips). His excitement has become contagious!

I can't wait to dig in more to the forum. What I have looked at...YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.

I will share my one little contribution. My hubby was the drummer in a metal cover band several years ago. My hair-brained idea was to make a large Eddie (are ya familiar with him?) for the shows. He was made to fit over the shoulders of a victim (mostly my brother). What a load of work he was, since I started from scratch with just a mask, wig, and clothing. He ended up being over 7-ft tall when placed, and my bro could control his arms/hands and move about. There were eye holes in Eddie's shirt, and his laser eyes glowed red through the fog that was set off by the guitarist's fog machine. Many fun times were had with him. Unfortunately his home has became the corner of our spare bedroom. Maybe I'll re-purpose him somehow, making him more Halloween-ish...if he really needs it.

Nice to be here!


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