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SCARE FM is showing off some of these websites / advertisers for your Halloween pleasure.

SCARE FM - http://scarefm.com (Vintage Old Time Haunted Radio 365)

JON HYERS VISUAL EFFECTS - http://jonhyersvisualeffects (Home of the Digital Downloads - No more waiting for shipping)

- http://virtualsanta.us (Santa Claus comes alive in your home during Christmas)

VINTAGE ADS - http://vintageads.us (This is the place for all your Vintage images, old radio ads, etc.)

SOUNDS OF TERROR - http://soundsofterror.com (The place for all your haunted Sound FX)

HAUNTCLIPS - http://hauntclips.com (Need that specific Haunted Sound for your repeater ... Here you go)

NUVISION ENERGY SOLUTIONS - http://nuvisiones.com (Thinking of getting a solar system for your home in Southern California?)

We hope that EVERYONE has a wonderful Halloween!

Advertise your business for FREE on SCARE FM ... Check us out at - http://scarefm.com
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