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Hanging guy prop help

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I am looking for some good plans for hanging guy prop.I am open to a electric motor setup or pneumatic I have a large air compressor.I would like it to be able to hang in the tree for 30 days so hopefully it can be weather proof. I am also wanting to control if with a light o Rama controller if possible. Thx for any help
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You can certainly use an electric wiper motor as has been done a million times and use Light O Rama. You just need to use a relay. Once you have that wired correctly, you simply plug into the LOR controller.

Of course you then need to create a LOR sequence as to when you want the motor to come on and for how long.

You can also do this with the cylinder version as in the Scaryguys build. The LOR controller would provide power to the Solenoid during your sequence causing the air cylinder to open and close. Same concept as a electrical relay.

Radio Shack would be your best bet for a cheap relay.
does anyone have any pictures of the relay setup ?Just want to make sure I do this correctly and do not fry anything. I will use this on a few things this year. Any part numbers would help also. I would consider a wiper motor setup if i had some solid plans. I love building and tinkering but i am running out of time.I was looking at dc props hangman rig its pneumatic but i can see the convenience of electric.
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