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Hanging Fabric from Ceiling

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So for my fortune teller room which will be in our family room, I want to just hand various fabrics from the ceiling to give the look of being in an old school fortune teller tent. Without trying to put my vision into words (and I could not find a photo that really did the trick either), what's the best way to attach thin fabric to ceiling? I will be using a mix of fabric materials and sizes. For this room, I definitely want to use fabric and not paper or tablecloth rolls.

Has anyone done this and had success with them staying and also not leaving permanent evidence? It's a large ceiling space that I would be covering

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It will all depend on the weight and thickness of the fabric. I did a similar look using bed sheets in a small bedroom. They were light enough to use standard thumbtacks. However, you run the risk of the tack falling out and someone stepping on it. I had an acoustic ceiling so there were areas where the tacks had issues - most notably there the fabrics overlapped making them thicker. A few larger staples were used in those sections, but they left more permanent marks in the ceiling. If this is non acoustic ceiling, you could probably get away with staples and then touch up paint after taking it down. I had two sheets in the ceiling and then I had sheets in large bunches going down each corner for a faux column type of look. Google 'fabric draping ceiling gypsy' for some inspiration. We had a glass coffee table that we covered with a white bed sheet and put a black light under the table which made the fabric glow on all sides - great effect for the fortune teller room. If this is a high ceiling and you are using true fabric, not a bed sheet, you can probably stretch from wall to wall instead of attaching it to the ceiling. However, this will now add more weight and you may need a strong attachment - however, it's in the walls now which may be easier to touch up any holes/hooks when the event is over.
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