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Hanging Fabric from Ceiling

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So for my fortune teller room which will be in our family room, I want to just hand various fabrics from the ceiling to give the look of being in an old school fortune teller tent. Without trying to put my vision into words (and I could not find a photo that really did the trick either), what's the best way to attach thin fabric to ceiling? I will be using a mix of fabric materials and sizes. For this room, I definitely want to use fabric and not paper or tablecloth rolls.

Has anyone done this and had success with them staying and also not leaving permanent evidence? It's a large ceiling space that I would be covering

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I've used command hooks before to hang a large plastic sheet. I had mixed luck removing the command hooks/strips afterwards when we moved. I would suggest putting painter's tape up first, and then put the command hooks over top of them or use duct tape.
The command hooks I used at the ones that have the metal hook that swings freely so you can use it at different angles. Just make sure you account for the weight of the fabric and hang the correct amount of hooks to support it.

Depending on the height of your ceiling, you could use a pop up tent if you know anyone with one. They cover anywhere between an 8x8 up to a 12x12 area... I know that might be a bit strange, but I'm just throwing ideas out.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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