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Hanging diy bones

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So i just finished up my diy paper mache bones. Mostly femurs. I want to cross two of them and mount them down my door frame. without damaging the wood frame. What is the best way to mount them. I tried to string them and do it that way but they were too heavy. i will have about 5 crossbones down each side of the door frame. was thinking black duct tape but dont want it to look cheesy. thoughts?
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if it is a metal door, as most exterior doors are, you could try some of the stick on magnets that you find at craft stores (provided the "bones" arent too heavy). As an alternative, you could try the sticky back velcro. This may leave some residue upon removal, but goo gone or goof off should take care of that. Another possibility is the 3M stick on hooks (if you can properly hide them. you could tie some fishing line to the back of the bone and hang the string from the hook as if hanging a painting / picture with a cable hanger on the back.
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