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Hands, arms for witches and wizard props

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I am looking for some life size witch and wizard hands. If you have some or can make and sell, please let me know.
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I found the zombie lawn stake hands work great for male prop hands. I think others on here used them for the same thing. I also picked up a set on clearance of the vampire wall hands thinking I was going to hang them with a candle at first. When I got them and flipped them around they looked even more like a large Va-J-J than the picture shows LOL. So I had no remorse in ripping them apart and painting them to use as hands for my stone lady. I actually reordered a couple more and already have plans to use at least one set this year. I don't know if they're still available anywhere but as said they are called vampire hands and they are smaller and perfect for female hands and could be doctored up for your needs.


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That's hilarious-- like the ghost of the gynecologist within...
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Well, i make props. maybe i could help. Let me know if you are interested, here's a link to my site.
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