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hands and feet

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This message goes out to any member able to help out a fellow haunter, this person will be reimbursed for your time and out of pocket expenses. experience preferred but not necessarry. I need someone who could make a mold and pour a pair of silicone hands and feet with an old lady as the life cast, done discretely without insult to the model, or direcly from an existing prop. The limbs need to be highly detailed boney and wrinkled. I have found a video showing the ease of this proceedure and the supplier of materials. Painting is not required. YouTube - Mold Making and Casting: Silicone Hand
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I would take a pair of plastic halloween hands and feet and sculpt over them with with super sculpey, create the veiny look and crepey skin u want- silicone molds can b $$$ 2 make , we make our own from my originals- can be at least $75 on the low end to create the mold, then u need 2 buy the resin-
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