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Hi everyone!

I just launched a Kickstarter for handmade horror dolls. Each doll comes with a screw eye pin and jute, ready to hang for decoration or to taunt family and friends! I have a variety of different dolls, from Slenderman, the Nun, Priest, and even a Jack in the Box.

Come check them out at: https://kck.st/2Ms21pU

Please support and spread the word!

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There are rules for merchants to advertise on Halloween Forum, and making things specifically to sell means you are considered a merchant here. That includes any Kickstarter or similar fundraising campaigns.

So main site rules here: https://www.halloweenforum.com/forum-news-and-rules/

Advertising-specific rules for merchants here: https://www.halloweenforum.com/for-...85-important-read-before-posting-section.html

So first, this post has been moved into the "for sale by merchants" section. You are only allowed to post things for sale in there, and if you're not a paid advertiser, you can place one sales post every 30 days. In the rules for merchants, there is a link to the site admin if you are interested in advertising on Halloween Forum tho!

I believe you'll be allowed to add a link to your sales site in your merchant listing post (this one for instance) after 5 posts, and please do not manually type out a signature link - signatures (if you want to add one) need to be put into place from your user control panel (please see your user control panel by clicking on either your user name or the "settings" at the top right, and locate the "add signature" option along the left). Please review the rules for signature sizing/restrictions in the main forum rules I linked above. Basically, no keyword links, no animation and there are size restrictions, but the details are in there.

You can also add your kickstarer link in the "Links" part of the forum here: https://www.halloweenforum.com/links/

If someone is specifically asking about a product you sell, it is fine to tell them about your product, but please do not go searching for old posts to bump up with sales/promotional posting.

You are of course welcome and encouraged to participate as a regular poster and community member any time tho. :)

Welcome to Halloween Forum. :D
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