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Hand props.

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Here are some photos of silicone body parts I have made. They were quite fun to make. Cast your hand in alginate, poor in silicone and then paint. Took about an hour to make each hand, start to finish.

-Frank Balzer
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Those are unbelivable! How about a how-to? Please!
Dude! Warn somebody before letting them see those pictures! heh, just kidding. But still those look so darn REAL!

I give a Third request for the tutorial. These would be great for prop dummies.
I agree with Terra, are you sure those are fake? I still have the chills! How did you get your:eek: vein to stick up like that on the one hand? I also agree with a tutorial. I give you an A+++++++++ for gross and realistic factors.
ok, in a few weeks ill see about doing a how to when i make a fake head, its basically the same way as making these hands. About the veins on it, it was cast from my hand. I work out a lot so I have these bulging veins, I went over with a little blue and purple on the prop though to make it stand out a bit more.

-Frank Balzer
those look fantastic! I definately need a tutorial, I need some of those for my party. Make sure you include brand names and where to find the alginate because I have yet to find some in my stores.
I have to agree, Those look so real, they're gross. Very nice job with this. I second the how to video.

How much do want to charge for some hands??
Those are sick!! Do a How to!!! they look way too real.
Those are incredible!!! I gotta agree with everyone else in saying they look so real. Every once in awhile there is a fairly new member who posts something so lifelike I wonder if it isn't some serial killer getting his jollies....LOL! It's really scarey when that member disappears and never replys on the how-tos...
gotta stop my over active imagination :)
Wow! Those are the best hands I've ever seen! I'll add my pleading for a tute. How much did they cost to make?
They cost around 50.00 to make a piece. Friend of mine has a tutorial similar to how I made mine at.

YouTube - Silicone hand Part 1

YouTube - Silicone Hand Part 2

hope they work....

-Frank Balzer
Great videos! Thanks for the links. I need to think more about silicone props!
These look too good to be anything other than real.

Admit it...The local funeral parlour residents have some "bits" missing, don't they?? You're not fooling us with any contrived tutorials..
Come on now Frank..you can tell us...We're your friends...:D:D

Talking of bits...What are the other "articles" in the photo's apart from the hands and fingers?
(I've got a feeling I'm gonna wish I hadn't asked).
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