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Hand needed with new Prop

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Heres my latest prop. I bought a green foam HULK hand from Goodwill for a dollar. I painted it with gray acrylic paint and then highlighted the bulging veins with red. After the red dried I painted over the veins with gray and wiped it off. Then I highlighted the finger nails with different dry brushes of blue,red, and purple. Lastly I washed it with a mixture of blue and white paint thinned with water. The only problem is what to use it for? I only have the one. I had thought about putting a torch in it's fingers, or having it clutch the hair of a decapitated head. Use broken foam to look like it punched through wall or up through floor. Any ideas?
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Typical Ghoul Next Door
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That looks good!

I like the idea of it breaking through a wall AND holding a torch! I could see using it in a bathroom or in a dark corner of a haunt.

Mill Creek Haunted Hollow
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What a great paint job! I ove seeing something "ugly" turn into something that actually looks good!!

I like the torch idea, but the realism of the veins makes me think it should go with a living (or undead) creature. You could put together a groundbreaker coffin and set up the fist to "break through" the lid of the coffin. A motion sensor and air piston would do the trick.

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Thanks for the ideas. The more I think about it the more I'd love to see it actually smash out of a wall or coffin, Great thought TK421! I've never done anything with air though. I've heard of using storm door closers, but that they're not really safe. Do you know of another option?
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