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People call me Woosh.

I've been a haunt fan for about 5 years now. Each year during october I make it a destiny to travel and visit as many Haunted Attractions as humanly possible. I'm mainly traveling the New England area but in 2011 I spent a week attacking eastern PA and in 2012 I went as far out as Ohio until hurrican Sandy killed all my dreams. I put 42 haunts under my belt in 2011 and that number just keeps getting bigger. I can comfortably say that there I have visited more haunts in New England than anyone else, not that this is a big deal but I'm proud of myself.

I hope to one day run my own haunted attraction. But before that I enjoy seeing what kind of haunts are actually out there and doing what I can to support the industry. I run hallowoosh.com my own review and haunt locator site. Should be up and running soon by the begining of October 2013.

Hope that was enough for ya.
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