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Hey folks,

It's Mark here from Hallowindow. I just thought I'd let you know that I've started a mailing list for Hallowindow 2009. Today I sent out a mail to the people on my list so far, so if you didn't receive one please email me and request to be put on the list.

please use:
[email protected]

Thanks a lot!
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It has Hallowindow 1 & 2, extras including individual loops like Spiders, ghosts, a pumpkin, and some easter eggs hidden on the DVD. I think it will be a hit this year! It also has a tutorial on how to use the DVD and create the screen on the window.
Ahhhh man...that cracked me up....snipe hunt...ahahahahhh have not heard that saying for YEARS!! I really did man, thought for SURE you were playin with ole Melty...It would have been a boring video anyway...me..wild eyed, every 5 minutes looking at the web cam...cursing your name...slamming the mouse at 1 hour 45mins, huffing and puffing at 2:20, pulling hair like "Chris Farley" at 3:14 and finally storming out of the office at a solid 4 hours later...but I would have given it the ole college try...
Hmmmm, sounds like would have been a funny lil skit to watch... :eek: ...LOL
Ahhh, I like ya too much to do THAT to ya,.........now a few other things.....LOL....:rolleyes: :D (just kidd'in)
It has Hallowindow 1 & 2, extras including individual loops like Spiders, ghosts, a pumpkin, and some easter eggs hidden on the DVD. I think it will be a hit this year! It also has a tutorial on how to use the DVD and create the screen on the window.
& part 3 2009 will have an extra vid clip with Melty looking for the new eater eggs that were not on his copy.......Hee-Hee ( sorry couldn't help that one buddy...)
When do these get shipped? Is it still in the works? Did I pre order? Do they ship right away?
lol!!!!!! May be alot of "returns" this year....
I'm ok with either, but would like a little more realistic....
How about Vampires and werewolves!!!
A full moon coming out and a man turning into a werewolf!
I would say I have restless leg syndrome but it's more my nerves than anything!
C'mon Skeletal, How about a teaser...minus the post-its. Please!:D
Mark, Your DVD was a big hit last year. I set it up in my barn on a 102" sheet. Then blasted the audio threw a 150W stereo system with 4' tall speakers. I linked the 2 videos together into a loop and it played non stop. The audio alone pulled in all kinds of people. We live on a dead end and sometimes get skipped, But last year was busy. It cost more on the candy but was worth the looks. Cant wait and I didn't get your flyer but sent you an email.
Hi, I'm definitely going to get Hallowindow this year. I've even tested my set up at home to see if the window is right, if the projector will still be bright enough under the street lamps and I'm convinced now it will be okay. The only thing is that I have a window which juts out a bit, so fitting the sheet will be a pain.

I've already started thinking that one through, I'm okay, I have two other questions:

1) Any easy ideas for pumping sound outside?
2) Anyone used Apple Air (the plug which can transfer sound) to do this?
3) When will Hallowindow 2009 be available for shipping, I live in the UK. Was there a digital download version available last year?

Mark - if you read this, you are THE MAN! Totally awesome work.

Anyone else excited about this? None of my friends have any idea this is going to be in the party this year....

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Still taking ideas? How about a mental patient in a lunatic asylum pounding the window until it "breaks" then reaching out to get 'cha!

A lady in a neglige' brushing her hair back to the window...when she turns around she's a corpse.

A murder is seen through the window, then the murderer turns to see the viewer, points at them and says "you're NEXT!" and runs at them until the scene changes

A witches coven is seen doing incantations over an animal of some sort and it changes to a demon.
Good ideas Dr. Morbius!

To get sound out your windows, I hooked up an audio extension from the headphone jack on the laptop I was running the Hallowindow from. Hooked that extension cord to some powered computer speakers that I hung out of the bathroom window next to the bedroom that had the Hallowindow playing.
More ideas:

Headless horseman throws his head at you..pumpkin smashes on window then says "Happy Halloween"

Various executions: Hanging, electric chair..

Torture: Man getting slammed in an Iron Maiden, blood and all. A sillouette of someone on the "Rack".

Curtain drawn, sillouette of someone hanging "laundry" on a line, curtain falls the laundry is human skin...hung by a Leatherface character.
HI, about when will the 2009 DVD be available to pre-order? (can you preorder?) Woop!
Regarding the audio:
I split the audio and sent it to a boombox on the deck beside the window and also to an fm transmitter. posted a sign, So people driving by can listen also. Like what is done when Christmas music is set to lights.

I like Dr Morbious's ideas. One concern is that if they are more realitic and gory. A window display dosent afford you the ability of selecting a suitable audience. So you might get some complaints fromj parents of smaller childern?
Like showing an R rated movie to a 3 yr old.
Definitely gonna be buying one of these this year, just signed upto the mailing list. My only question having being asked but unanswered so far.

Is this years going to contain the previous versions, as i love the one displayed on the site.
I went ahead and ordered a DVD...I assume it will have the new stuff, but if not, fine. I just don't know how this is being handled.
hehe, Morbius, quite an imagination there!
So, anyone, is 2009 available, yet? I have last years and it's awesome!
Well I just recieved mine last week and it is exactly what is stated on the website, no new material added. Shipping was fast for me, took less than a week to get here from Canada.
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