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Hey folks,

It's Mark here from Hallowindow. I just thought I'd let you know that I've started a mailing list for Hallowindow 2009. Today I sent out a mail to the people on my list so far, so if you didn't receive one please email me and request to be put on the list.

please use:
[email protected]

Thanks a lot!
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OR you could just go old school "viewmaster" remember those? Hallowindow on those plastic disks.....
LOL...ok ok I will save up for a better projector eventually, but for now I have to settle with the viewmaster...I mean the torpedo projector. :rolleyes:
GAWD why do you guys alway have more and mroe things I would love to do! I already am using my projector for this years haunt and I don't think I can justify buying another one for this !!!!! Darn... to project this outside for the people waiting in line !! They'd love it!
OK couldnt help myself.... I just got another projector !!! So, now to order that DVD!!!
just got a notification that marks videos were added to;;

YouTube - Using Black Scrim to Improve Projection Contrast

I really like the black scrim he is useing. wonder what it is?
just got a notification that marks videos were added to;;

YouTube - Using Black Scrim to Improve Projection Contrast

I really like the black scrim he is using. wonder what it is?
(In that Ricky Ricardo voice,replacing Lucy's name with Mark)........Lucy....you got some xplain'in to do.........(tapping fingers on laptop waiting for Skeletals kewl info update on this matter.... :rolleyes: :D )
The only problem I had with Hallowindow is that people wouldnt leave!!! It caused a traffic problem, I mean people came back a few times bringing different people showing them. I honestly have to come up with something to keep it flowing.
Yea, I'd like to know what black scrim he used too!!!
Okay here its what I found out:

Maybe the black weed blocker (mentioned in another thread) didnt work cause there was no white material under it?
OK! Off to the fabric store. Thanks icemanfred!!
To get enough contrast you need a thin (sheer) dark grey or black mesh in front of the white or other projection screen (between the window and screen material). So yes, you need both. You also need a good bright projector to supply enough light since the dark scrim absorbs a lot of light.
Yes this thread is also on the Hauntforum and I've been told my projector most likely doesn't project enough light to have the scrim and white sheet/curtain. I'm happy with only the white shower curtain because you could see that it was a pretty good picture and you could see that the Happy Halloween was visible when I turned on the light. It would of been visible on the reverse side also, but the light was pointed directly towards the curtain.
Okay here its what I found out:
Thanks icemanfred! That answers all my questions. While I was at Hallowindow's site, Mark mentioned this very cool tidbit. I guess I can call it a teaser. Mark, you give me no teasers, I make my own! Na! ;)

Mark said:

I still really like the lightening scene in this one. I think I'll be making a full lightening storm loop in a future release.
Here's the video he is referring to that has the lightning scene.

I Likey! :)

YouTube - Hallowindow I - Hallowindow.com
nice! I di not know about this blog and I own Hallowindow
That is totally awesome. I have got to get one of those.
Hey guys, sorry for being offline for a few days... been pretty busy with work lately. Hopefully most of the questions about the scrim were answered on the blog. I wish I knew what it was called exactly but referring to the photo of it on the blog should help you if you're going to fabric store to look for some. I tried Walmart before going to a specialized fabric store since they are generally way cheaper, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. On the other hand the fabric store had quite a few options to choose from.

Again, I think the scrim works best during dusk hours and while using a nice bright projector. I think that if you want to increase the contrast for full darkness hours you'd have to modify the inside of the room you are projecting in. Meaning, you'd probably have to hang black curtains on the interior walls to help minimize the light reflecting around in the room... since that will tend to flood out the projection during bright scenes.

PS. if you have an iPhone go grab the free iPhone wallpapers from the Hallowindow Blog
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Mark, love the iPhone wallpaper. Wanted to mention that I also received your email about Hallowindow 2009. Can't wait to see what you come up with this year.

If you are still taking comments for this next one, I'd love to ask if there's anyway we'll be able to select several of the "scenes" and run them together continuously. Last year I changed the scene each night starting a few nights before Halloween. I didn't want to run upstairs and change the scene during Halloween's trick or treating so picked one scene for the entire night. Tough decision!! Anyway, don't know if what I'm asking for is do-able but figured I'd ask.

Any chance a pirate theme might be in the works?... Like the idea of an extended loop lightning scene.

How about these ideas:

There's a scene on the indiana jones ride where the "headlights" of the car moving to show spiders beetles all around. You could modify it to a flashlight which moves around as well.

There's also a scenes from Fantasia's Night on Bald Mt. which could be incorporated into H2 as well.

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