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Hallowindow 2009

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Hey folks,

It's Mark here from Hallowindow. I just thought I'd let you know that I've started a mailing list for Hallowindow 2009. Today I sent out a mail to the people on my list so far, so if you didn't receive one please email me and request to be put on the list.

please use:
[email protected]

Thanks a lot!
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WOOOOOO It's finally out. Lot's of hard work but it's worth it. tough to know when to drop the price but there's never a good time I guess. I hope there isn't too many recent buyers that are bugged by that. Anyway, I'm really happy with the results and I guess I'll have to keep raising the bar for the next one. Thanks to all you here on the forum that have shown interest in my work. I'm happy to share it.
Done!! Looking forward to my copy
Thanks again, Mark!

wow, looks awesome...just bought mine, that was a no-brainer purchase!
Thanks Mark!
just bought my DVD bundle!!! Cannot wait!!
Sweet! Just placed an order.
Thanks again, Mark!

I can't wait....the anticipation is killing me!
Yep placed my order too !!!! Woo-Hoo !!
Can't wait - Thanx again Mark,
I ordered my copy.:D:D:D
The zombies look amazing! I can't wait!
Ordered Mine as well.
Is there a place we can see the whole animation? or at least more of it. so far it looks like the best yet.
mark, regarding posting the animation.
To Protect the animation from peoplle trying to copy it if you sere to post it.
you could show it from and anlge, or multiple angles.
or maybe a big ugly watermark.
You are always so creative in the transitions/fades etc.

Just cant wait to see and hear the whole thing.

It really looks Great!
Thanks for all of your work, Mark! Ordering now.
Hey heres an idea and use for the hallowindow 3. If you run a professional haunt or home haunt that features 3d scares via chromadepth 3d glasses...then Hallowindow is very useful!

Alot of the scenes are high intensity colors, colors that are perfect when used in conjunction with chromadepth/crayola 3d glasses. These glasses make most of the scenes 3d. It's really cool! I just viewed Mark's trailer of Hallowindow III on his website with the chromadepth glasses and about 1/3 of the scenes were 3D!
Order placed!!!I can;t wait I think I will like it better than 1 and 2.Of course I love zombies.
We got our DVD the other day and already have it set up in the basement! It looks great. Since we have adult parties we have it on the ghost loop. I just saw another prop that looks like a good idea for a variation for the projector. Have what looks like a door with a window in it and through the window you can see a corridor with a creapy ladies walking down the hall with an ax in her hand. She gets to the door and starts bashing the glass and door with the ax and you see the dings in the door. I think this would be a good projector scene. It would be easy for us to create a door setting to put it in. I really like your work! Thanks for getting the DVD to us so quickly!!!
Ordered the Hallowindow III dvd yesterday. Can't wait to see it in action.
I was going to hold off on buying anymore items for Halloween, but I have to make this purchase. When I saw the Zombie part I knew I needed a way to incorporate that idea into my graveyard. I have a question though is the Zombie part of the dvd one I can loop over and over? I just want that part in my graveyard this year? I bought the DVD today so I am very excited.
Anyone get their's yet? Does he ship regular mail or ups/fedex. Was hoping to show this off tonight. Can't wait lol
Anyone get their's yet? Does he ship regular mail or ups/fedex. Was hoping to show this off tonight. Can't wait lol
Shipping was delayed because of a mix-up with the factory. They began shipping on Oct. 1st.
He ships Post Canada, which is then switched over to the United States Post Office. Remember that he lives in Canada, so it will take a little longer if you live in the states.
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