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Hey folks,

It's Mark here from Hallowindow. I just thought I'd let you know that I've started a mailing list for Hallowindow 2009. Today I sent out a mail to the people on my list so far, so if you didn't receive one please email me and request to be put on the list.

please use:
[email protected]

Thanks a lot!
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Thanks Mark!

Got your email. Any previews of what will be on the new DVD?

I'll be buying one this year regardless. Based on last year's work, I'm sure it will be fantastic!
<Terra doing the happy dance>

So, come on....we need teasers!
Got my lil notice & EAGERLY awaiting a TEASER vid.....(hint - hint) ,definitely buying one also due to your 1st BIG hit !! Thanx for the next follow up for '09.
I even sometimes run mine on the off seasons sat night with the red ghosts or spiders just to mess with people driving by.... :D
Sorry guys, no preview yet. All I have are a bunch of sketchy drawings/ideas on post-it notes stuck to my wall. Not much of a teaser... and it may be a while before I can get video together. I'm pumped to hear you're excited though. If you're on the mailing list I'll be sending out updates when they are ready... but I'll probably post progress here as well. For now I will tease you with a lame picture of post-it notes. haha.

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lol - love your analog teaser. :)
Darn you Skeletal! The Post-it notes aren't even in focus. Urgh!

Hee, too funny...
Skeletal, I believe that constitutes "Cruel and Unusual Punishment"!!! Argh! Ah well, this is definitely the place for it then! LOLOL! :O)

Looking forward to seeing your latest creation!
Well I just ordered it, and I am seriously excited to use it this year! I think this will knock their socks off having this play in the window! Ill just wait for it to get here and chew my nails with excitement!!
MWAHAHAHA!! Try, if you dare, to solve my mind bending Post-it Notes of Mystery!! Hey, that might make a good animation (post-it note to self). hehehe.

Thanks for your order meltdown211... better keep some extra socks on hand.
Yes, my neighbors loved this thing (even without the sound), I used it last year...I'm going to add sound this year...can't wait for the 2009 version! It's a very awesome addition to your haunt!
Looking forward to the 2009 edition! Last year it was the hit of our haunt.
Well I just ordered it, and I am seriously excited to use it this year! I think this will knock their socks off having this play in the window! Ill just wait for it to get here and chew my nails with excitement!!
Hey Melty, make sure you check out the easter egg special feature on them, to find the easter eggs on those,
you cut the corners off round on the 4th & 7th posty note & see if you can find the haunted cheese wheels........... :rolleyes: :D
But seriously, ( yes melty i can be serious...ok well some what....LOL ) , can't wait to see what Skeletal has come up with to out do last year.......N O pressure here.....LOL
AHHH!!! The pressure!!! It'll be a challenge but I aim to please.

By the way, I'm trying to also get a blog going... just a place to post up some tips and that sorta thing. It's still new so there isn't much there right now but check it out.

if you need any suggested ideas...well you know, we're always here to help! Keep up the good work! looking forward to this year's version.
Dying in anticipation for this year's Hallowindow! Neighbors and friends are already asking me about it. Can't wait to get a little tease. ....and not the square yellow type either! Terra's right - at least close in on those notes!! Thanks again!!
I recieved mine about a week ago and DAAAAAAAAAMN its cool! I actually have a couple ideas for this year using this DVD!! I would HIGHLY endorse this DVD and I too cannot wait to see what is planned for 2009!! Just not the post it notes....lol
Mark, why not go old school and just make a flip book animation using sticky notes?

BTW, will the 2009 DVD come bundled with a projector!?
Skeletal I love your Hallowindow DVD. I don't have the money for a high price projector, but I used it with the Torpedo projector and it worked pretty well! I am really excited to use it in my display this year. How does the two eyes appear in two different windows? Do you have a DVD with just eyes? Just curious, because it looks pretty cool!
hahaha. Awesome!! Totally low-fi. I should bundle the DVD with a flashlight and some cardboard silhouettes.
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