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What do you want to see in Hallowindow 2009

  • Monsters (Frankenstein, Werewolves, etc.)

    Votes: 17 25.0%
  • Vampires/Blood

    Votes: 18 26.5%
  • Flames

    Votes: 16 23.5%
  • Ghosts

    Votes: 32 47.1%
  • Skulls

    Votes: 17 25.0%
  • Witches

    Votes: 13 19.1%
  • Creepy Eyes

    Votes: 14 20.6%
  • Zombies

    Votes: 32 47.1%
  • Jack O Lanterns

    Votes: 9 13.2%
  • Silhouettes in Window

    Votes: 31 45.6%
  • Spooky Environments (graveyards, forests, etc)

    Votes: 32 47.1%
  • Pirates

    Votes: 8 11.8%
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Why are there so many votes for Spooky Environments?

IMO, I don't think that stuff would look good coming from "inside" of the house!? Other than the lightning; I would hate to have a bunch of forests and graveyard scenes. I can see how this would look good if being used inside of the house but not for something that's to be seen from the outside "looking in".

I thought it was at the ToTers benefit to experience scenes that could happen inside the house; not scenes of outside environments!? But...that's my opinion.
Spooky environments to me just set the scene and the atmosphere for those cold autumn nights, regardless of where they are, they can make you feel more out in the open, away from suburban houses.

Maybe it's just me but that kind of thing is one of the staples of a halloween to me.
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