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Hallowe'enland book

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Hello all! I have just released a new Hallowe'en book that I wrote with my cat, Maggie. The book is called "Hallowe'enland" and is a cat-centric, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland-type trip into Hallowe'enland.

Amazon blurb - It’s Hallowe’en night and house cat Maggie and backyard cat Natasha must go to Hallowe’enland to rescue their cat friend, Cat Hop’s ghost. Through their adventures in the strange Hallowe’enland, Maggie meets witches, ghosts, talking pumpkins and Hallowe’en jack o’bees! Illustrated by artist Eric October, this book is sure to be a Hallowe’en classic for cat lovers and Hallowe’en fans alike.

Enjoy and Happy Haunting,

B. Cooper
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