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I ordered a costume and shoes from this company. I got my order, from order date to delivery within 6 days so was pretty quick.

I wanted to say that the website has some great features such as "fit finder" where you can put in your measurements and it will recommend a size (or not-may not fit) and even give suggestions if you need a bigger size with links to it. They allegedly measure the actual costume so you can get the best fit that way.

Another feature was that if it shows an in stock amount, it reduces immediately upon order, so no chance you will get looked over. If you watch the video at the order complete page they have an adorable video about their process. You can find more funny videos from them on youtube as well.

I was most impressed with the shipping cost too, alot of stores will up the charge if you add a bulky item, like shoes to your order. I got a costume and shoes for $4.99 shipped. I couldn't believe it.

If your concerned for placing orders online, they are a google trusted site and theres even a pop up at the end where you can sync google and your payment to protect you even more if your super worried. Ive had no problems on my end.

The only thing I can think of thats a bit of a let down is the filters. They dont do a very accurate job, so you would end up spending more time digging through to get the best deals.

Example; you search adult costumes, then womens (you will still see child costumes and teens), then filter again to show sale first/only. However, they would have different prices on a costume depending on the size. So if you wanted to look at the least expensive costumes first, you will still end up going through all 13 pages because the prices vary depending on the size, which is a bit weird to me.

I can look at one costume and it is $20 for small, $25 for medium and $15 for large, its just so random. Thats the only thing that bugged me about the process, most of the costumes that were on the cheapest end were large and xlarge, so yay for me. :)

Overall, I was charmed by the site and the videos, they have a wide selection at better prices than most places, so definitely worth a look.
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