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This will be our 3rd event since I run the local karaoke, I've combined the 2 & call it our Scary-Oke.
This year it will be on November Friday the 13th
Each guest is encouraged to be in costume, bring a scary plate of finger food & 2 x $1 coins to pay the ferryman.
Whatever $ collected, is given back out on the night as prizes.
This year, I'm running a Zombie Survivor Island.
I've been running through ideas for the night to eliminate guests down from around 40 to 1 winner (Survivor)
Games, hopefully stick with a scary or zombie theme.
Whenever a player is eliminated, they get a zombie bite tattooed on them in a visible location.

Lip Pink Jaw Mouth Flesh

These are some elimination methods I have already, but would love peoples comments.

When ever an elimination is pending, I'm going to play the intro for motorheads The Game (Also used by WWE Triple H)

1st off, everybody will have a sticker on their back with a different banned word unique to them.
If they say the forbidden word. They are out. (Harsh eh lol)
pass the parcel (zombie style) with a severed Head
Next Scaryoke I think I will be....
E.g. 1st person says "Next Scaryoke I think I will be a vampire"
Next person would say, "Next Scaryoke I think I will be a vampire or a werewolf" & so on... adding with each next person until someone eliminates themselves.
much like the memory drinking game where you have to remember what people before you have said

I would like to incorporate tempt your fate somehow as well, but not sure how yet
Would love some more ideas
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