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Halloween Yard Haunt Display items for sale.

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Hello All,

As some of you may or may not know, I am no longer putting on a Halloween display at my parents house. It has been something I have been doing annually since 2009. The main reason is that my parents are elderly and they pretty much do not want to deal with the stresses of me putting on a large display every year (even though I never thought my display was large). In addition to my parents, I have grown weary of fighting bad weather for Halloween. Since 2009, I can saw that I only had ONE night without any weather problems and that was in 2011 when we had snow early in the day and the night was beautiful.

A tremendous amount of work goes into the display and then to have something like wind, rain and the occasional hurricane ruin the night.

Last year I deviated from my Magic Mirror routine and came up with a semi-original idea called The Creep Machine. It took a ton of work to plan and execute and it nearly killed me. As it turned out, the Creep Machine wasn't as well received as the Magic Mirror and as the night ended, I already decided that I am not going to do the Creep Machine again. It was just a one off.

Does this mean I am totally giving up on Halloween? No, I am not. You will still hear from me as I will do something again in the future, but just not at the old location. For this year I am taking the year off (watch we have beautiful weather this Halloween) and I am probably only going to do costumes and perhaps put out my Spriit Jumping Spider.

But most of the decorations I am going to sell off. I am looking to sell everything off in one shot, but I will separate if there is something you desire. There will be NO SHIPPING. Everything is local pickup. I decided to post here first before putting the items on Craigslist.

First up, I am going to part with my entire Singing Pumpkin rig which you can see in this clip here:


Included will be the 7 pumpkins (5 are hand carved), all lighting (except the RGB floods in the front), the autumn garlands, the straw bales and 2 bolts of Jute. The computer and controller will NOT be included but I can make it an option if you want the system fully functional. I am looking for $150 for all as shown in video.

Assorted pumpkins in picture below $20 for all.

All lighting in picture below which includes 2 100ct purple strands, 2 100 ct orange strands, 2 sets of 3 blinking eyes in bushes, 2 spider web light nets. Small chain fence, two strands of autumn garland. (The hazard and pendant lamps are not included, but if you want them, I will work something out). $100 for all.

Two sign poles in this video:


One is by the main entrance the other closer to the Magic Mirror. The one closer to the Magic Mirror flickers at regular intervals...you can see this in the video. The other light post is the old fashioned English style post. These are in a picture below, but they are covered by a plastic bag. Both light posts are hand made $50 each.

Various sign board, sign kits and banners (pictured) $20

Various felt blackout cloths (right side in picture below) and sheer scrims (Left side)

I used the blackout cloths on the vestibule for my Magic Mirror so there are two pieces that are 65" by 65" There is a large piece that is 7' by 65". There are a few shorter pieces as well in the lot. $75 for all.

This is it for now, if you are interested in any of these items, just drop me a line in a PM. Again this is for LOCAL pickup only. Items are located in North Babylon, NY. Long Island. If interested I will set up a meeting date and time via PM & email.


Item sold:

All monster props
The bolts of jute netting
The two nicer Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins.

The rest of the items are still available. So there is time to still make a purchase before Halloween.

Thank You.



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Local pickup. . Where
Whoops! My bad, forgot to include the location. Flatulence of the brain.

Items are located in North Babylon, NY Long Island. I corrected the above to include this.
No one interested in my items?!?!?! I am surprised.

Anyway, I am going to list them on Craigslist this weekend, so if there is anything anyone would like from this lot, please let me know now!

Thank You,

sent you a pm
Hello All!

I have made an update on the items I have for sale as some items have sold. Most are still available. As of today all of the monster props have sold, the jute netting has sold. In the photo with the pumpkins, the nicer Jack-O-Lanterns (brighter orange ones), have sold.

I still have much of my lighting still available including two sets of 'eyes in the bushes'. The nice custom made light posts are still available. So if there is something you still want to purchase for Halloween, you still can do so (via local pickup, of course).

Thank You,

Hello All!

Just a bump up! I still do have most of these items for sale! Right now is a good time to buy as most people are thinking about their displays for this year!

Some of the items have been sold:

Item sold:

All monster props
The bolts of jute netting
The two store bought Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins. The hand made ones are still available.
Some of the black cloth has sold too, but I still have some left.

I prefer the items to be a local pick up but I will entertain shipping on some of the smaller items. Obviously the larger items (such as the lamp posts) will have to be local pickup only.

Also I might be adding to this list the closer I get to Halloween, so check back often. I have a few old knife switches and a box loaded with test tubes that I will put up. I had intended to do a mad scientist lab, but I have decided I am not going to do that anymore. Two years ago I did my 'big show', and it took quite a bit out of me. Needless to say, unless I have a sure fire hit, I am not going to do something like that again. So I will be putting much of the Creep Machine stuff up for sale too.

For this year I am intending to return to my Magic Mirror setup as it has been requested and it seems that is what my neighbors like the best. Being two years in storage, the setup is showing its age and I intend to revamp it with a new look, a new (smaller) computer, and a new (smaller) sound system. I want it to be very easy to set up and take down. I will make a separate post on that later on when I start to get things down. But for now, I am just letting everyone know I still have these items for sale.

Thank You,

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