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I'm looking for photos/links of Halloween yard displays to get some ideas for the haunted house our town is putting on.

Typical Ghoul Next Door
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Do a search - there are PLENTY of threads on this forum that have great pics.

The search button is in the upper right of the page - I'd suggest things like "graveyard" "grave grabber" and the like...

You should also just look through the props section to see what others have made. There are electronic, mechanical and static types of props in addition to the atmospheric and lighting categories.


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I have some in my album on my profile if you wish to check them out.

The Mrs. to a MysterE
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Fantastic!! Only a tree like that could possibly survive in Vegas sand! I wager this gets a ton of attention . . . and Ya know what they say -- What grows in Vegas - Glows in Vegas!! Nice set up --- BOO!
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