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I got this tree at a garage sale for my Halloween display. I used hot glue to pull the limps together. I also cut alot out to slim it up a bit. Im debating on putting lights on it. And is there any suggestions on doing anything more to the tree?

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I love the way your tree turned out crazy xmas. I'm going to be making a Halloween Tree this year, and have been scouring places for old German-looking ornaments. A local Department 56 (high-end ornament/decor store) went out of business recently, and I've been coming across their awesome stuff at discount stores, many of which will end up on my tree this year. I've thinking about making a gnarly paper mache tree, but may just use the old christmas tree taking up room in storage. Thanks for the idea! Pics will of course be posted upon completion.

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o wow! Ive yet tpo see a tree that really spoke to me and this one has really been the best one to me. As far as lights go, I guess it depends on what you plan to use it for. It kinda reminds me of a Dr. Suess tree, like from the Grinch or something. I like the look. Can you take a more close up pic of the needles? What would your estimated timeframe be for someone to make one of their own from start to finish.

If I made this an outdoor tree I would light it with purple , red or green lights ( Like green and purple a close second) If I made it indoors I would want to highlight it with pin lights (blues and greens) and place blown glass/old world ornaments on it, or my newest find, the skelly fairys :)
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