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Sounds like a good idea, If you can get enough "staff" to run it for the two days. If not, would it be possible to do a sort of scaled down version for the Friday (non Halloween night) and advertise it on the night as being bigger and better for Halloween itself? that way, not only will a lot of people come back to see the full show, they may well bring others with them.
Most of us work hard all year on designing our haunts, making props etc, and only get to show the fruits of our labours on one night of the year which is a shame. and after all, if it's raising money for good causes then it's got to be a good idea to have a second night if possible.
You may wish to think about advertising it as a 2 day event around your local community to maximise the turnout, as people may not expect your haunt to be up and running the day before Halloween...(We are in England after all).
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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