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Halloween Weekend?

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I was thinking because this year Halloween falls on a Saturday, I was thinking of having out haunt for two days instead of one ( Friday/Saturday).

This sounds good because maybe some ToTer's are at a Halloween party or busy at relatives etc...So they can visit on any day they want.

But some problems could be that we might not have enough people to run it for a second day, or the price for the bills may be a lot higher.

But then more reasons to do it is an extra day to collect money for charity ( we are donating money to charity from what we raise ).

So let me know what days you do it and whether its a good/bad idea.

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Sounds like a good idea, If you can get enough "staff" to run it for the two days. If not, would it be possible to do a sort of scaled down version for the Friday (non Halloween night) and advertise it on the night as being bigger and better for Halloween itself? that way, not only will a lot of people come back to see the full show, they may well bring others with them.
Most of us work hard all year on designing our haunts, making props etc, and only get to show the fruits of our labours on one night of the year which is a shame. and after all, if it's raising money for good causes then it's got to be a good idea to have a second night if possible.
You may wish to think about advertising it as a 2 day event around your local community to maximise the turnout, as people may not expect your haunt to be up and running the day before Halloween...(We are in England after all).
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Two days is always better! It gives more opportunities to get extra people in to see your haunt, especially if there are a lot of houses to visit this year. I hope you end up with enough people to run the haunt two days in a row!
I may try the 2 day thing as well
I am thinking about a Friday night test run. I probably will have the graveyard set up the week before and put out some of the bigger stuff Friday and then the props on Saturday. I have been waiting for this weekend Halloween for 4 or 5 years, so I am pretty excited.
There was a guy in my neighborhood that did a walkthru thru his back yard...since everything was fenced in, he could set it up early. The weekend before Halloween, he opened his up as a food drive on Friday and Saturday night...he put out fliers and that helped increase the number of ToTs in the neighborhood on Halloween...sadly, he moved away
I usually have my stuff out my mid-October. This year we're having a Halloween party on Friday night for friends and family, then the big shin-dig on Saturday.

My oldest daughter is really looking forward to hosting a Halloween slumber party on October 30th -- I think it will be great!
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