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Halloween Wedding

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Hi everyone am getting married on Halloween and would love any suggestion's easy to do crafts, recipes, props. The reason I choose Halloween is because it is my favorite holiday and now we can have an aniversry party every year and it will be a halloween scare party. Thanks for any help. :)
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Wow - there are a whole lot of people getting married this Halloween!

I suggest you do a search for wedding and other party keywords (the search button is in the top right row of buttons) to see what others have suggested.

what kind of wedding on you planning? something fun like a hlloween costume party? or something dressier?
Try a google image search for halloween wedding. Hundreds of good ideas for you. I saw this cake and thought it was awsome.
Great ideas

Yeh I have been searching everywhere. I just love that cake that was awesome. People are so creative. We are not dressing up in custumes I didn't want to go that far I still wanna be a little on the girlie side I guess lol. But were getting married at our home and going to decorate the yard and the house for the occoasion am sure all the kids will have a fun time lol. Thanks for all your suggestions.
martha stewart has some great ideas for favors and invites. You could go with a whole gothic theme. how fun!
oh, also if you search for Halloween wedding images, you'll get some great ideas. congrats!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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