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Halloween Wedding - Prop Rentals, Specialty Food Caterer

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I live in Northeast Massachusetts and also planning a Halloween themed wedding in the future and have been collecting info for crafts, decorating, recipes, etc. But I need help with the following:

1. Props rentals - I want to go all out and plan on making alot of decorations myself, but I live in an apartment and can't decorate outside so I hate to spend a lot of money on props I can't use again. Is there any place that would rent out props for an event?

2. Recipes - Has anyone hosted a large event and had it catered using specific recipes. I've collected quite a few Halloween recipes and have been testing them out. Is it possible to find a caterer who will cook and bake with these recipes and present them the way I want?

3. Location - living in an apartment I don't have the option of a home celebration, too small. But does anyone have any ideas of cool places to have this type of wedding? With all the prep time needed for decorating I'll probably have to rent it for a few days before and after the event just for set-up and clean-up. And I'll also want to go in ahead of time and take pics and measurements so I can plan the decorating. I've even considered renting a Victorian house for the week just so I don't have to kill myself with time restraints.

Thanks so much for your help with this - as you can probably see - I'm new to using forums - so I'm sorry if this is too long. :eek:
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Rentals for Halloween wedding

Hi LynnOski,

Congratulations on getting married! Best wishes for your new life together! In your post you ask about party rentals. Since you are going with a unique theme for your wedding, when you rent tables and linens for the reception, you could use a company like Appleton in Lynn. They have a show room with samples of all the linens and can match any colors you bring in, and can do multiple layers of linens and patterns to match your Halloween theme. They do tables, chairs, tents, etc. The site is Appleton Party Rentals in Massachusetts.

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