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Hello Everyone,

Im working on this site that is in its very “Baby Stage Mode”. I will be re-laying it out once I get some time to do so and adding everything that has been sent in. Currently there are a lot of errors on the site as I just started it.

Overall, the site will have tons of Haunt Videos and Pictures from Home Haunts, Pro Haunts, Costumes/Make-up and as well as funny Halloween/haunt related videos as well.
Currently there is only a few videos/pics up right now.
Theres a few sub-catorgries for the videos and same will be happen for the pics page as well.

Anyone wanting to submit go to the site for instructions…..its easy and fast!

LINK TO SITEHalloween Xtreme

Im doing this for my love of Haunt/Halloween related stuff as a hobby, so it may take me a bit to get this up and running.

Hope everyone has an awesome Haunt Season!



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