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Hi everyone,
A couple of weeks ago I purchased a life size gypsy/witch from a yard sale. She is so cool, everything was in proportion except for her hands. So I went on line shopping for a pair of glove hands. I found what I wanted on Halloween Unleashed. I placed my order. Unfortunately they were out of stock. I got an email stating this and the person said they would let me know when they would be back in stock, he thought about 10 days. On day 8 I get an email and he said that they were being shipped to them and he would let me know when they arrive and when they will ship them to me. Sure enough I got an email that they had received them. I received another email stating that they were in the mail to me with a tracking number. As of yet I haven't received them as this was a couple of days ago. I was so impressed with the communication from this company. Same person who was communicating as well. It wasn't a ":form" type email either. They do have some pretty cool stuff on their website. Just thought I would share that this company seems to care about it's customers and the communication is good as well.
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