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Halloween TV schedules in the UK?

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Anyone know anything about any?
I have searched the internet a lot and haven't come up with ONE THING.
It looks like the UK has been forgotten about on the Halloween TV front.
Um hello, we do celebrate it aswell! Jeez....

Help :eek:
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in the October edition of the Sky movies guide, it says "Halloween Horror Season", but this is followed by the very disappointing paragraph starting with "Running on Sci Fi & Horror from Friday 30th Oct - Sunday 1st November" :( Just the weekend!? Lame! BUT there is something good that follows - it will show 17 BACK-TO-BACK horror films!
now that just depends on what they are! That channel really only seems to show ones from the past 5 years! :(

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Eesh. At least there's something. I'll keep a look out.
Even the kiddies channels have nothing (yeah, resorted to that :eek:)

That's another thing that irks me, 'Sci Fi and Horror' channel - Science Fiction and Horror aren't both deserving of their own seperate channels? What? They are completely different genres anyway, how did they get lumped together?
Ok i'm gonna stop complaining now :)

This is majorly uncool.
Oh and thanks for replying, didn't think anyone would :cool:

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There is one reason and one reason only why the mainstream channels avoid anything to do with Halloween. Ghostwatch.

It ruined it by being too realisitic. I remember being so scared I had to have the dog in my room for weeks afterwards & wouldnt stay at my grandparent's house for months because I was convinced the ghost (a monk called John) would throw things at me.

The Beeb & ITV, even Channel 4 have pretty much avoided Halloween since then.

Though. here is hoping they might get over it.. It was 17 years ago!

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BBC1 have continually showed the original 'Halloween' on the night itself for at least the past 3 years now.

Other than that i find it hard to, you do have those 'halloween horror marathons' freudstein mentioned, but sadly they don't last too long.

I just keep a day to day look out on Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror and The Horror Channel, which you can find showing classics such as An American Werewolf in London and Hellraiser 1/2 i've noticed lately.

The 90's were better, especially Nickelodeon and such, which would ALWAYS without fail have the halloween episodes of every show on, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Are You Afraid of the Dark etc...
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