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Halloween TV 2014

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It seems a bit lackluster this year.. At least in the specials. There is one new show airing on ABC which looks interesting, but compared to previous years, there is very little new programming. Kudos to Travel Channel which always has a cool lineup, from haunted specials from previous years, to Ghost Adventures, Most Terrifying Places in America, and America's Scariest Halloween Attractions. I have all these recorded, and would like to see something new every year. No new episodes for the two latter. ABC Family has their mainstay shows, which include some cool ones from other years. TCM seemed a bit light so far. I remember other years where they kicked off programming from the first days of October. Slyfy has their usual reruns, but there are a few decent ones in there yet. AMC Fearfest I thought was weaker. Not a fan of Chucky, Tremors, and Friday the 13th series. Food Network is strong again with Pumpkin Wars and individual Halloween specials. QVC another big letdown, and HSN didn't even have the Haunted House show. The kid networks look good if you want to watch cartoons everyday. ;) And despite owning them, I don't even see History Channel airing the Haunted History of Halloween or the Real Story of Halloween. Maybe I missed that in the schedule. It's a good thing I record these every year. You never know when they will go out of circulation. Any thoughts?
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And HGTV???? I couldn't find any block parties. Not even reruns. Did anyone else find them?
I complained in another thread about Travel Channels repeats of Most Terrifying Places in America and America's Scariest Halloween Attractions. They're good shows but one can only watch them so many times.
Yeah, it's been kind of a letdown this year - even TCM's pickings weren't that great, & usually they have some good classic movies that I've been meaning to catch. I agree with you about AMC's lineup - didn't program a darn thing for that channel cause I've seen it or own it all already. I've been sticking to my DVDs, Youtube, Hulu & the like for my television Halloween needs....

But I did finally get the Witch's Night Out DVD, so there's that.....:D
Yep. Even had a buddy of mine call me the other day asking if I knew of any shows and how there didn't seem to be anything on. My wife and I were also just discussing this last night. Outside of a couple new programs, the tiny house special and the upcoming ABC special on Tuesday, there hasn't been anything. Thank goodness for a new season of Halloween Wars on Food Network, love that show.
Nothing on HGTV at all. I think the last block party is going on 3 years now. I have 3 recorded, and I think that was it. Free on Demand was weak overall, reflecting off the airings.
What about Halloween movies?

Anyone seeing The Book Of Life?

I think the name is kind of misleading... sounds like a religious movie to me. But it's supposed to be about Day of The Dead and what not.

Any other Halloween movies this year that I missed?
Here's something you all might find interesting:
The Amityville Horror Murders – Oct. 25 at 9pm; Oct. 26 at 6pm; Oct. 29 at 11pm; Oct. 30 at 9pm on REELZChannel. Narrated by Ed Asner, this two-hour documentary explores the grisly 1974 mass murder that served as a genesis for the Amityville story and reveals its connection to the disturbing claims made by George and Kathy Lutz who moved into the house with their three children one year later. That couple’s alleged experiences would lead to a haunted house tale Hollywood couldn’t resist, and this documentary sheds light on the shocking circumstances and web of lies at the base of the franchise it inspired. REELZ will also be airing the 1979 film The Amityville Horror (Oct. 19 at 3pm and Oct. 25 at 4:30pm), as well as its 2005 remake (Oct. 19 at 10:30pm; Oct. 25 at 11pm; Oct. 26 at 4pm; Oct. 31 at 9pm & 11pm).
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