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Halloween Then and Now

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Funny take on Halloween in the 1970s and today. Gets a few things wrong (nobody watched Halloween on Halloween in the 1970s) but not too far off.

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Here is a take on Halloween circa 1950


Apparently, for children at that time, Halloween was a month-long candy extortion racket,and today's Devil's/Mischief Night-Halloween combo is but a pale imitation, even at the height of the Detroit/Camden arson rivalry of the late 80's :D

EDIT: Also,the mother of the author of the 70's comparison totally did not ToT in the 70's. Not only was Halloween not a TV spectacle then, the treat tamper terror really didn't gain any traction until after the Tylenol tampering scandal in 1982. None of those tampering fears existed until after I moved to NJ in 1980. They were never part of my ToTing before that relocation.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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