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Halloween Themed Video Games?

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Hey everyone, I’m new to these forums, but glad I joined. :) Anyways, I wanted to get a list of games to play during October. Halloween themed, or just scary games in general. I am looking for any Halloween themed pinball games out there, does anyone know of any?

Here’s a list of what I have played for Halloween and the month of October.

• Little Big Planet series (just search for Halloween levels)
• Condemned 1 & 2
• Resident Evil 0-4
• F.E.A.R. 1-3
• Ghost Master
• Alan Wake
• Until Dawn
• Doom 3

Please feel free to add to this list!
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Costume quest 1 and 2 have trick r treating and fighting.
Minecraft has a Halloween texture pack you can add...we are actually playing it right now, lol. It changes everything in the game into Halloween items. It's pretty awesome, if you are into games like that.

Some you already listed come to mind...as for others, not knowing what systems you are asking for games for, there are Castlevania games, Silent Hill games...I have played others, but I can't think off the top of my head...

My husband has played the Costume Quest ones...and we play lots of Resident Evil, lol.
Oh, and I haven't played the whole thing, just a trial, but there's a game called "Siren: Blood Curse" for the PS3...very interesting game, and creepy. I found out about that from the PS3's Playstation Home thing when they had a game space for it.
...and Welcome to the Forum, Homer Scott!! :D
American McGee does great disturbing work.

An oldie: American McGee's Alice (circa 2000)
and then: Alice: Madness Returns (circa 2011)
Kingdom hearts has a nightmare before Christmas part. Borderlands has a DLC and you have to kill zombies. there is a pumpkin head, pumpkins all around. Graveyard. Hope that helps.
Castlevania. I love that series, it has a gothic, vampire theme and feel. Symphony of the Night is my favorite. I just love that game, artwork and music.

I also love Lament of Innicence. I play all my CV games this time of year,

If you have a ps4 Bloodborne. omg. I love this game but it is hard! LOL. I can hardly wait to have my decorations up and settle in to play that some more.

Disney Infinity has a Jack Skellington figure and a halloween town you download. It's ok. Love the figure but Dinsey infinity is rather boring to me. I just got the Srar Wars one so we'll see. The marvel one was eh

Animal Crossing does Halloween themed stuff on Halloween night.

To conclude get Castlevania games ;)
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The only game I can name off the top of my head is The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King for the GBA. Yeah, it's for kids, but I like to play ;)

But really, any game that has scares or anything Halloween-related is great in my book!
My daughter loves playing Nightmare Before Christmas : Oogie's Revenge on PS2. She's 18 now but has been a Nightmare fan since she was about 5.
How did we get this far and no one has mentioned the Diablo games? Creepy scary fun!
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I don't know of any pinball games but Evil Within and Outlast, Alien Isolation are good and scary!
Monster house ps2

Castleween ps2

Jersey Devil Ps1
7th Guest is an old PC game from the 90s - it's pretty damn freaky for it's time...and it's basically a puzzle game set in a haunted mansion. Available on Steam (along with the sequel, 11th hour)
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Don't laugh....Luigi's Haunted Mansion....so much fun!
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I've played a few of the silent hill games and they are fairly good. I loved bioshock...the original. Really eerie/creepy atmosphere and sound.
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I'm sure that the ones that I play are too...comical or "child like", but I love Plants Vs. Zombies (the original PC version).

House of the Dead is one of my favorites, too. I bought the Haunted Mansion game (Eddie Murphy movie version) for my son's Game Cube, but it was used, and doesn't work. I also have Ghostbusters for Wii, but sadly, haven't had a chance to play it yet.

Online, well, it's a little embarrassing, but I do play Subeta. They have a Halloween celebration for about the last two weeks of October. They call it Morostide, where you can go get items from the Pumpkin Patch, and you can ToT on people's profiles (or egg or TP them if you wish). It's kind of a kids' game, but aimed at young adults, I guess. You have a character that you can dress up, and you can adopt pets to take care of. There are games on the site, too. Right now they are having an Oktoberfest celebration, called Alegarten.

And if anyone joins, my name there is Ahreinya, if you'd like to be friends, or want to put me down as referring you to the site from this link: http://subeta.net/?refer=Ahreinya
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