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Halloween themed lamps or lampshades?

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anyone know where I can get some themed lamps or lampshades.....haven't really found anything online.
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I believe Cracker Barrel & Grandin Road each have a Haunted Lamp this year. There are threads on both those places here, recent ones, and if you look through you can see photos & I think videos too of how they both look.
Lots of Halloween lamps or lampshades on etsy. It's also really easy to DIY a lampshade just by taking a plain white shade and adding paper silhouette cut-outs to the inside or draw spider webs on with a sharpie marker. Just a thought.
Are you looking for more of a novelty lamp or to transform ones you actually use for lighting? I have both the Spirit one from last year and just picked up the Cracker Barrel one. As far as every day lamps I love the lace shade cover and have always wanted it. I had a hard time rationalizing the price for 2 of them so tried to make my own with fabric from JoAnn's. Wasn't thrilled with the look and decided those lamps had to go for October. !st pic is attempt. 2nd one is fail lol. I ended up picking up a couple off Craigslist and doing a little Halloween makeover on them.


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You can usually get those pre-made lace shades at Big Lots & maybe even the dollar stores. I have one somewhere but never used it.
The Cracker Barrel one can be ordered online. Mine just got delivered last week. Love it. The hand pulling the chain is such a nice touch. If anyone is interested in this one BTW I wouldn't wait too long to order or buy from the store. Their stuff goes fast.
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