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Halloween themed games thread

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I wanted to get a list of Halloween themed games. I always enjoy playing these types of games throughout the year as it gives me a little Halloween feeling all year long. Off the top of my head:
Ghost N Goblins (NES)
Super Ghouls N Ghost (SNES)
Hill Climb Racing (Haunted Stage on Android) This has some great Halloween music.

It doesnt have to be a Halloween game just games that have a aspect to it that reminds you of Halloween.
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The only reason I own Kingdom Hearts is so I can run around Halloween Town.

There's an Aaahh! Real Monsters game for SNES.

Bowser's Castle in the various Mario Kart games is usually pretty good, especially the original SNES. Also the Ghost Valley course in Super Mario Kart, and Banshee Boardwalk in MK64.

For board games, there's always Grave Danger, 13 Dead End Drive, and the Goosebumps game.

Somewhere I have a special Halloween themed pinball game, on cd, that was distributed by Spencer's Gifts. Way back in the day. I remember there were goblins.

Urban Dead lets you find masks, candy, and pumpkins in October.
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