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Halloween themed games thread

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I wanted to get a list of Halloween themed games. I always enjoy playing these types of games throughout the year as it gives me a little Halloween feeling all year long. Off the top of my head:
Ghost N Goblins (NES)
Super Ghouls N Ghost (SNES)
Hill Climb Racing (Haunted Stage on Android) This has some great Halloween music.

It doesnt have to be a Halloween game just games that have a aspect to it that reminds you of Halloween.
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Some other Halloween games would be Halloween Jenga, the Ideal haunted House which is very rare and $$$, some of the Goosebumps games like Tower of Terror, and Tic Tac Toe with a Halloween theme (we have one shaped like a Haunted House). Some others with that vibe might be Forbidden Bridge and It From the Pit. Witch Witch is another. These are all non-video, and pretty much Old School. There are some Halloween Lego sets which look really neat, although not exactly a game.
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