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Halloween Themed and Haunt Weddings

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My mom and I are lucky enough to be friends with and work with some pretty amazing, talented, and creepy people. :)

We met our friend Tiinia while at an arts and crafts show. She was doing makeup for the fashion show being held to showcase some of the vendors' items, and she stopped by our booth after. She bought a bracelet from me for her wedding, and when we started talking about her plans, we fell in love! She ended up hiring us to do some more work for her, and ultimately invited us to the wedding, and introduced us to a bunch of people we now call friends.

Tiinia and her husband Kevin work at a haunt (13th Street Morgue/Dungeon of Doom) that one of her close friends (and now one of our friends) owns and operates. So, they'd decided that they wanted to have the wedding on the haunt grounds! Not only that, but they scheduled the big day for Friday the 13th, and encouraged people to come dressed in costume. Since Tiinia loves vintage everything, the theme was a mixture of glamorous, girly vintage, and Halloween. The ceremony was held in the haunt's graveyard, and the reception was filled with entertainment - burlesque, drag, a musical performance from Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and an all-inclusive dance lesson/performance to Thriller.

I posted an album with some photos today.

The wedding was so awesome that it was featured on Off Beat Bride. You can view the article and pro photos here.

Have any of you had or been to a wedding with a creepy or Halloween theme? Please share pics!
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Wow, cool! I used to play classical guitar at wedding ceremonies(15 or 20 a year) and I never had the good fortune to witness anything like this. I suppose anybody doing a wedding like this wouldn't be looking for a classical guitarist anyway!
Dulcet, what a cool job! I don't know - depending on the overall feel of the wedding, a classical guitarist could be very appropriate. Say, a more Gothic themed wedding, or (though it's not Halloween) a Dia de los Muertos wedding. :)
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