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Halloween Template up for grabs..

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Hey guys,

a few years back, i was commissioned to design a website for some local haunters. I designed a couple of sites for free, and told them if they liked them, they could use them. However, it turned out that they decided to go with someone else. So, these designs have been sitting in my web space for almost 2 years, as there's nothing for me to really do with them. If anyone here would like to use one of these designs to update, or create a current home haunt website, feel free to pm me, and i'll send over the files.

You can change the pictures around, and of course the text, or what have you... or if you want, i could design something from scratch. you can see the designs below.

design one: The Demon House

design two: Scream Asylum

These two places are not using these designs, so if anyone wants to use it, let me know :) hope this helps someone out :)
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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