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You can't have a Halloween party with an ordinary tap handle, right? My creations are all one of a kind. It’s original, creepy, functional art made one at a time in my shop. Don't see what you're looking for? I have more than what is shown and will take custom orders. Just Ask!
My handles are all reinforced to the best of my ability. They are meant to be used, not just for display.

Action figure Fictional character Toy Wing Batman Skeleton Art Sculpture Trophy Illustration Religious item Crucifix Symbol Cross Ritual Door handle Brass Barware Antique Wood Barware Cat Felidae Metal Tail Small to medium-sized cats Skeleton Barware Glass Bone Metal Skeleton Wood Bone Skull Art Organism Toy Illustration Fictional character Animation Green Toy Action figure Barware Fictional character Skull Skeleton Bone Head Illustration
Deathnote - $69.00
Silver Skeleton - $69.00
Scarecrow - $75.00
Skull Snow Globe - $85.00
ManBat - $75.00
Oogie Boogie Gray - $115.00
Creepy Victorian Skull - $69.00
Day of the Dead - $69.00
Skelly in coffin - $79.00
Pumpkin Head Skelly - $79.00
Pumpkin Sprite -$125.00
Black & White Reapers - $59.00 Each or $100 for both
Jack and Oogie - $75.00 each or $135.00 for both
Short Skull - $45.00
Screaming Skull - $75.00
+ $10 for shipping for each. If combined, $10 for first and $5 for each additional.
email me for additional pics and dimensions.
[email protected]

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