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I just ordered Hocus Pocus, The Halloween Tree, Teen Witch, The Witches of Eastwick, and The Worst Witch at Amazon and had them delivered. Another great favorite is watching all the Roseanne Halloween Specials, which I have on DVD. Does anyone remember The Halloween That Almost Wasn't? I would love to get a copy of that and does anybody know if you can buy a dvd of The Home Improvement series Halloween episodes on dvd? Thanks! :D
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The Halloween That Almost Wasn't is one of those that I watch every year - it's a Halloween tradition! They need to release that on DVD so bad - I'd snap it up in a heartbeat! You should see Witch's Night Out - that's a good classic, & it finally came out on DVD last year!
Not exactly what you're looking for but the Rifftrax guys (think Mystery Science Theater 3000) sent me an email today announcing their riff of The Night Dracula Saved the World. May not be your thing though...

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