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Halloween Sighting in Toronto Stores

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So far...

  1. Michaels stores in Toronto have their props out alerady
  2. Costco stores in Toronto area so far have really crappy selection. Very surprised. Last year they had some good props. This year very little so far?
  3. Spirit Halloween has announced their 3 stores in the Toronto area (locations on their website. Not open yet though
  4. Canadian Tire -> nothing yet
  5. Walmart -> nothing yet
  6. Amazing Party Store - i.e. the big one you see on the south side of QEW. Won't have halloween stuff out until Mid sept. They usually have a great large selection of props but are usually over-priced. i.e. you can usually find their stuff prices cheaper at other stores. But sometimes they have something you can't find elsewhere.

Anyone else spot any Halloween Props yet for sale in the Toronto area? Good ones? not talking dollar-store type items.

Too bad Sams Club closed down their stores in Canada. They used to have some good stuff.
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I was able to get through to one of the Spirit Halloween stores in the GTA today.

The one in Burlington answered their phone, although they are not open yet. They are hoping to be open by the weekend.

I asked her (I think it was Kim) what full-sized animatronic stuff they got this year. As you may know, the retailers sadly don't get to choose what Spirit sends them. They just get what's sent and can't pick-and-choose their stock from Spirit's Catalog.

For full-size stuff she mentioned so far that they will have sounded like the Michael Myers, the executioner and then what I thought was probably the Bride in white (Spirit had that last year). But when I went to spirit website, couldn't find the scary bride dressed in white anymore so it's probably the "Midnight Countess" instead which is also dressed in white.

Life-Size Animated Michael Myers in Decorations New Decor for 2009
Life-Size Animated Executioner in Decorations New Decor for 2009
Life-Size Animated Midnight Countess in Decorations New Decor for 2009

I was really *hoping* they'd have the 6 foot animated Jason again, they had that last year and I didn't manage to get it and wanted to buy it this year. But no dice. Of the 3 she described, I like the Michael Myers one the best because it actually moves around a bit (arms/hands) while the other 2 only move their heads.

I'm disappointed that Costco in Canada still doesn't have any good full-sized animated props yet. For the past couple years they had some good ones each year. But this year so far it's fairly crap (in comparison to what Costco had in Canada previous years).

Even Michaels is a bit disappointing this year in Canada. The animated witch this year is a pooer/cheaper version of the one they had a couple years ago with the cauldron. That skeleton/butler type they have is "ok" but it's still only head movements. The bride Michaels also had last year was better I thought (I bought that one).
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