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Halloween scavenger hunt with smart phones

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Hi everyone,
After a 3 year break, I had a halloween party again last weekend.
Since people are constantly busy with their smart phones and Iphones, I wanted to find a game that would incorporate them.
I did some searching and came up with an ap called goose chase. It was easy to use and a big hit at my party!
It worked like this:
I picked 4 team captains a week or so before the party.
These 4 people were friends that I knew I could count on to be at the party.
I had them download the ap and we practiced a game beforehand.
The night of the party, everyone was divided into 4 teams with one captain having the ap on their phone.
You can set the game to start and end when you want it to. I set mine for an hour.
Once the game starts, you get a list with all the missions/challenges. You determine these beforehand.
You can pick them out a standardized list on the site or make up your own. I did both. Used some of their ideas plus made up some of my own.
You also determine how many points each mission is worth.
So I sent my guests on a scavenger hunt and they had a blast! One even called and asked if I could extend the time as they were really into it lol
For each mission, they have to submit evidence with a photo. Here are pics of some of the evidence my guests submitted :D


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Hah! That's cool.
You Dutch people are crazy!
(my last name's Vredeveld)
Thanks freedom field lol
What a great idea,.... Will be looking into this for other parties as well..
If I had friends and enough room to throw a party, this would be the first thing I would do. What an amazing idea and it sounds like tons of fun!
We had a heavily decorated haunted hotel party and did a smartphone scavenger hunt for the guests with a $20 prize. They had to find 25 items, take selfies with characters, search for hidden objects, etc. This was a huge hit with the teens. Highly recommend it and plan to do it again.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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