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My first post on these forums :)

Anyways, it seems that this board is pretty popular so I thought I'd post my concern here..

I'm having this Halloween/Prank Scare thing on the Trick-Or-Treaters at my house. It's the old classic: Dress-up-as-a-dummy-and-put-on-a-mask-and-scare-the-children-when-they-reach-for-the-candy prank.

I've been looking forward to this. My friend and I will wear masks and be in chairs while one of us holds the candy bucket and the other holds a sign that says " Take only 1." We're going to be motionless, and then when a child comes along to take candy from the bowl, we scream and scare them.

Here's my problem.. I've already got the setup and the yard design and everything in order, but I overlooked one thing: The location of this scare. My porch isn't that big.. heck.. it's like 5 feet by 3 feet big. It's big enough for two chairs and us to sit on, and it's big enough for the trick -or-treaters- to stand on and take the candy. BUT, however, when we scare then, there's only one foot they will have to escape if they start running away. There are 3 STAIRS leading up to my porch. I don't want anybody to get injured. So if they run away, with all of the adrenilene and fright, and if they don't notice the stairs behind them, I don't want to to fall and get hurt..

Any suggestions? I really wanted to do it in this place, but I was really "iffy" about the whole location on the porch. I can bring the chairs down, below the stairs, but it won't be as good and it'll be tough to squeeze 2 chairs on a small pathways.

Any help will be greatly appreciated :D

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Yep, sounds like an accident waiting to happen. Good that you realized that.
How about if you let them go up to the porch and get their candy and then scare them from the yard as they are leaving? Or if you want to save on candy...scare them on the way up to the porch haha

My old neighbor in the US used to dress up as the grim reaper and hid behind a large tree in his front yard. All he had to do was peek out from behind the tree. Geesh the kids that went screaming from his house was too funny. I think he always had lots of candy left over lol

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